About The Imagery Journey K. Jun's first experience in the wonders of imaging software was with Adobe Photoshop version 5, a version way before Photoshop CS (Creative Suite) and today's Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud). Upon very first attempt, K. Jun was instantly captivated by the effects from how the different tools could bring to an image. Layers, masks, brushes, curves, levels and countless other tools quickly became K. Jun's playground and way of expressing his artistic vision of an image. Being a professional Retoucher, K. Jun has worked with numerous clients and creative professionals achieving their artistic and commercial visions in photographic projects. K. Jun's imagery journey has been fast moving with no looking back, as he said, "once you enter the world of Imagery, it's very difficult to get out from it".
Besides digital imagery, K. Jun is equally passionate in Fine Art Paintings, despite the medium used. It's especially so for oil paintings as the expressive strokes created from the brushes give the art work an amazing unique texture. "It's mesmerizing to the eyes" K. Jun said. K. Jun's imagery works are often seen on a dedicated Instagram account @ K. Jun Imagery. K. Jun currently based in Singapore as high end Retoucher working and collaborating with creative professionals.
The Music Journey K. Jun began his musical journey with interest in the sound of the Guitar. His passion in the instrument could be easily felt from the way he describes the Guitar. K. Jun once said "It's simply magical that a set of six strings on a small footprint wooden body creates colorful chord voicings and completes itself as a chordal instrument; and when paired with human voice as a harmonic instrument, the guitar instantly becomes therapeutic to the mind and soul!". Backed with strong Classical Guitar foundation, K. Jun has the flexibility and options to venture into other instrumental genre such as Pop and Jazz, where he settles down with Classical Crossovers as his all-time favourite.
Following some years exploring the Guitar, K. Jun ventures into Vocals, where he received formal coaching on both Classical Techniques as Tenor and Contemporary Methods for Pop Voices.
K. Jun draws inspirations from well-known artists such as Marcin Dylla, John Williams and Miloš Karadaglić for Classical Guitar music and Sumi Jo, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Frank Sinatra for Voices to just name a few. Currently K. Jun compose and produce his music, works and collaborates with Musicians and Artists.
The Leisure When taking time off from work, K. Jun enjoys baking. From wholemeal breads to muffins, K. Jun's signature bakery remains his very own version of Banana Bread with topping variations from chocolate chips to crashed walnuts and sliced almonds. K. Jun never fails to get amazed over the oven rise during baking process, as he describes it as simply "magical". K. Jun's baking contents could be found on Instagram @ K. Jun Bakeaholic.